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Frozen Shoulder

It is a condition of the shoulder characterized by functional loss of passive and active shoulder motion with no clear underlying cause.

Causes -

  • Injury to the shoulder.
  • Chronic health conditions such as diabetes or stroke.
  • Prolonged immobilization due to surgery, fracture or any other trauma.

Symptoms -

  • often insidious onset of general shoulder pain preceding any noticeable loss of motion.
  • variable character and severity of pain, loss of motion dependent on the stage of disease at presentation.
  • freezing: insidious onset of pain at rest and with movement, difficulty sleeping
  • frozen: pain lessens but significant motion limitations affecting ADLs
  • thawing: pain is gone and motion improves but less than normal

Investigations -

  • A thorough physical examination.
  • Xray
  • MRI

Treatment -

  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy
  • Operative