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Mrs Shivani Lath

Dr Purvi has fixed a nagging lower back weakness that many very prominent Physios in Mumbai were not able to do. And she did this without Xrays, MRIs or even seeing me in person. I cannot recommend her enough. She explains things simply and follows up exercise routines systematically... and one fine day you realise she has repaired you completely.

Mr Saurabh Chandra

I found Dr Purvi quite professional in her way of working ( sometimes strict but only for the patient benefit ????), you pushing me was the reason I was able to put the exercises in my daily routine, so thank you.

Mr Rohan Sheth

I was very comfortable with you in hospital. The exercise you showed me were very helpful.
Despite it was my first consultation with you I could feel a friendly connect and was comfortable discussing my issues with you.
Keep up the good work. God bless.

Mr Sharath Bangera

We found the assistance/consultation provided to us on our every visit to Dr Purvi Madams office very professional and upto the highest standards expected from the profession of physiotherapy.

Mrs Nitu Shah

Friendly experience with Professional approach of Exercise.

Mrs Shikha Mittal

I was in a bad shape when I went to see Dr Purvi, with multiple disc bulges. Standing, sitting, changing positions while sleeping, even brushing my teeth was painful. She started me off on simple exercises to strengthen my core and back. And in the next few weeks and months gradually increased the difficulty levels to make me stronger. It took one year of work to strengthen my back and make me pain free. The great part about being with Dr Purvi was that she never prescribed any medicines or shortcuts during the recovery process. She’s an firm believer in exercising regularly and that’s what I followed to the T. Today I’m pain free and have learnt to manage my back with just exercises and nothing else all thanks to Dr Purvi.

Mrs Ramila Fernandes

From lying on the bed with excruciating lower back pain to now walking in the house for 30ins with a 1 min break. My thanks and appreciation to dr. Purvi for motivating and hand holding me on this journey.She is a very dedicated professional.

Mr Prathamesh Pai

Dr. Purvi Raisoni is a gem of a physiotherapist. After having suffered a disc herniation, little did i expect that life would be back to normal. The pain in the lower back, glutes and hamstring was unbearable. Surgery seemed to be the only option to relieve the pain Dr. Purvi helped me fix my lower back and lead a normal and active life without having to undergo a surgery. She is extremely patient, sensitive and empathetic towards her patients. She designed a progressive recovery road map which helped me get my life back on its feet. Will forever be grateful to her.

Ms Deepa Bhagnari

I have had a very good experience with my physiotherapy sessions with Dr Purvi. She was recommended to me by Dr Abhay Nene, my spine specialist. She’s very efficient and punctual. She understood my problem and helped me recover completely. Thank you Dr Purvi for your excellent service and I would highly recommend you to all my friends and people I know. Keep doing your good work and I am sure you will achieve great success in your career.
Best of Luck.

Dr Reena Patil

Very knowledgable Doctor, I have seen patients recovering from debilitating state. The time and care Dr Purvi puts into the patients, it’s just amazing. Keep it up.

Mr Surendra Parikh

Dr Purvi Raisoni Mam, as I have fractures in my Back Spines I started taking guidance from well-known and one of the Best Spine Surgeon & Specialist Dr Abhay Nene Sir who has recommended certain exercises and suggested your name as the Best Physiotherapist. You started coming to my Home from last more than a year. You are very punctual in time as fixed on earlier day. Sometimes by any reason if any change you inform me early morning. You give the drawing of exercises to be done and time to time make addition and delete as needed. Sometimes I desire to have rest in between for few minutes because of my age of 90 years, you always allow me even if you are getting late.
Your way of explaining while performing exercises is excellent and polite. I am really happy that you time to time Inform Dr Abhay Nene Sir about my progress. Due to proper exercises by you and guidance of Dr Abhay Nene Sir I am in position to walk, climb & sit properly. I Wish You successful future and best wishes.

Mr Satram Ramani

Dr Purvi Raisoni, is simply the best physiotherapist. She has helped me and my family with treating various injuries. She has outstanding knowledge and talent for healing and helping people. I recommend her treatment. The Complete Physio to anyone who needs a treatment with professionalism and also who is compassionate towards her job and the patients.

Mrs Shruti Ramani

Hey Purvi, wanted to say thank you for your help, advice and support and especially the last month when i was suffering from sever neck pain and you advised me some exercises on a video call. I found your treatment and exercises excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends if they ever require physiotherapy.

Dr Mohana Deodhar

Dr Purvi Raisoni is a very good physiotherapist. She has good understanding of the severity of conditions and gives appropriate exercise to improve the muscle strength. I have greatly benefited from her treatment.

Mr Sanket Yadav

My dad had spine surgery 3 years back at dorsal lumbar level. After 2 surgery he was not able to sit losing his balance and still no movement below waist. Both legs were not moving. Doctors did their job but no improvement so physiotherapy sessions started. Dr Purvi started to come for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy started on regular basis. Initially she started bedside exercises doing it with the help of splints in both legs, exercise of legs. After few days he was able to sit. His trunk balance was improving. Later on she made him stand with the help of walker and splints. She was preparing him to walk with the help of walker by himself so she started forearm exercises to strengthen his arms. She taught him how to get up from bed, how to sit. Slowly slowly his fingers started moving. Now he is is walking with the help of walker and splints. After shifting home we followed same routine at home. His legs now started responding . He is walking without any splints. Now he is going to toilet by himself. He is still following her exercises at home. Though his recovery is slow but we are thankful to Doctors and physiotherapist Dr.Purvi and others to motivate him and care they have given. We are waiting that moment when he will do walk as normal as before

Megha Das

I was referred to Dr. Raisoni by Dr. Abhay Nene and she provided me with a lot of confidence and hope for a better future in the first consult itself. Being an avid trekker herself, she was empathetic as well as highly motivating. Along with her gentle nudges during the session, she helps you take things one step at a time and helps patiently. I’m looking forward to sessions with her and maybe a trek in the future:)

Dr Ajit Jangale (Orthopedic surgeon)

Dr purvi is very well trained physiotherapist who understands well about the rehabilitation principles.Also she sees every patient with dedication and care . Highly recommended for good results and early functioning.

Mrs Vaishali

I have been under the guidance of Dr. Purvi for the past 2 years. She has been working with me on my post surgical rehabilitation.
Dr Purvi is very systematic and is a thorough professional. Right from scheduling appointments to adhering to them quite strictly (I have learnt to never be late for her appointments ;)), explaining the correct exercise form, pushing me to try a little harder each time, leaving me with a well-explained exercise sheet at the end of each session and a clear plan for follow-ups, I have made some very good progress under her guidance. She is also very accessible (and patient ) every time I have had doubts, issues or a setback.
Thank you for everything Dr. Purvi. I wish you loads of luck as you continue to heal numerous patients for years to come.

Mr Karthik

I have been consulting Dr Purvi for over a year and find her approach very effective and fruitful. I have seen a lot of improvement with her treatment and suggested exercises & suggestions.